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Roll-off Containers

We have roll off trucks and trailers for all of your needs, providing roll off containers and dumpsters in 10 yard to 80 yard sizes. Our trucks use roll off tractors with trailers from 3-6 axles, carrying waste removal, scrap metal, or whatever your company needs.

Container Truck Loading Courtesy Transfer

Container Trucking

Container Trucking is frequently used to connect the “linehaul” ocean and rail segments of a global intermodal transfer of freight. This specialized trucking is often called drayage, and runs between ports, rail terminals, and inland shipping docks.

Intermodal Transport Courtesy Transfer

Intermodal Transport

When your company needs goods transported over a short distance in a short time period, our trucks and drivers can handle all of your drayage needs, ensuring intermodal transport doesn’t stop. From ship or train, our trucks will get your cargo to its destination.

Roll-off containers, container truckingintermodal transport, and drayage are our specialties.

We have been providing roll offs, container trucking, drayage, dumpsters, intermodal transport and more in Metro-Detroit, Southeast Michigan, Northern Ohio, Windsor, and Ontario since 1981, when William and David Miller founded Courtesy.

Today, as Amanda and Nathan Miller take over this legacy, we are still proud to be a family-owned trucking company providing container drayage service and roll-back on/off ground pickup and delivery. We can provide a truck and driver to pull all types of chassis and containers.

By letting us do all or some of your trucking, you can run your business without the problems of drivers calling off sick or not being there when runs are scheduled the prior day.

You can run your business without the cost burdens of repair, mechanic, fuel, truck payments, and insurance, plate registration, overtime pay, employee taxes, road taxes, fringe benefits etc…

Courtesy Transfer Intermodal Container Trucking

Container Trucking

We are proud to be a leader in container trucking and container transport services in Southeast Michigan. Conveniently located in Detroit, Courtesy Transfer is right at the heart of Michigan’s container transfer industry.

Detroit Roll-off Containers Courtesy Transfer

We provide roll off container (dumpster) trucking throughout Metro-Detroit, Southeast Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Windsor, Ontario.

Michigan Container Trucking Courtesy Transfer

We provide container trucking, intermodal transport, and drayage throughout Metro-Detroit, Southeast Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Windsor, Ontario.

Port of Detroit Drayage Courtesy Transfer

We offer rail ramp drayage and dry container drayage throughout Metro-Detroit, Southeast Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Windsor, Ontario.

The Choice for Container Trucking and Roll-offs